Privacy policy


we do not use a database on our website and so no information can be stored about you. if you do give us any information or contact details – during telephone calls or in emails – we will not pass them on to any third parties unless you specifically request that we do so.



we do make use of cookies on our website, some are session cookies; expiring at the end of your visit. we also use Google analytics cookies –
these track visits to our website but it is all anonymous – we only know which country the visitor originates from and the pages visited. you can opt to not accept cookies through the settings in your browser, please refer to your browser instructions on how to do this. please be aware that websites may not function in the way expected if you do so, some parts of the site may not work at all.


eu cookie directive:

as from the 28th May 2012, we are now required to inform visitors that we use cookies. in order that you are not asked every time you come to the site, we set a cookie.